Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill Coupons, Promo Codes and 2016 Reviews

The Sole S73 treadmill is an advanced treadmill model that is made available for people who have all sorts of workout needs. The S73 is designed as one of the most notable choices for people to use because it is powerful enough to handle a variety of functions.


Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill Coupons and Deals

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Sole Fitness S73 Treadmill Reviews

Product Description:

The S77 is designed with a 3.75 continuous horsepower motor. The strong motor is designed to handle up to four hundred pounds of weight at a given time. The deck is also large enough to handle an average user while not taking up more space than needed. The S73 comes with dimensions of 37”x83” and weighs about four hundred pounds.

The motor also supports a variety of speeds. It can support speeds of up to twelve miles per hour and inclines of up to fifteen percent. The support is designed to keep the treadmill functional for anyone who wants to keep an exercise running as well as possible.

The treadmill is designed with an appealing arrangement of features. It is silver and black all around and uses several key features to make it more useful. It has a large screen on the console, and fans and speakers for an MP3 player that can be attached to it. It also has two different handle systems with traditional side handles featuring hand controls for the incline and speed and two other hand controls under the console for measuring the user’s heart rate and pulse during a workout.

It also has a console near the bottom that can be used for storing water bottles and other items. This is all arranged with convenience in mind.

It is also arranged with a two-ply bet that goes over a 22×60 inch running surface and is supported by a series of 2.75-inch rollers that feature copper wires to keep static from being too intensive as the belt moves around. The belt is particularly arranged with a PVC layer in between each ply to keep the belt comfortable and to reduce the likelihood of the belt stretching as it is in use.

This is all arranged at a value of around $2,300 in its normal rate. It may also be found for $1,700 in many cases when a sale occurs. Anyone who buys it online can get free shipping on the order and no sales tax if purchased online.

Product Features

A Quiet Deck: The deck used on the S77 is easy to use because it does not create a great amount of sound. The deck is made with a PVC layer inside the belt and a wax-based lubrication system to keep the deck quiet and comfortable. It even cuts down on the impact that a user will experience while running on it.

A Visible Screen: The LCD screen is large enough to list critical pieces of information like the user’s heart rate and pace, the speed of the treadmill, its incline and even the number of calories that were burned in a workout. The screen is 7.5 inches in size from one diagonal part to the opposite.

Safety Help: The S77 uses a variety of safety features made to protect the user from any problems that might occur when using the treadmill. A tether cord is made with a quick-release feature that allows the user to get off the treadmill if needed. There is also a 10-amp circuit breaker used to secure the treadmill from any risks.

MP3 Support: The S77 treadmill can work with all sorts of different MP3 players. The treadmill can play back sounds thanks to the MP3 connector that comes with the treadmill. These sounds will come from the speakers located right next to the LCD screen.

Heart Rate Reviews: A user can get one’s heart rate checked through one of two options. First, the user can hold the heart rate monitoring bars on the treadmill’s console during exercise. Second, the user could use a heart rate chest strap that can be attached to the treadmill. The S73 is capable of working with almost every chest strap on the market. The results of the readout will be listed on the LCD screen and can even be updated in real time.

Warranty Points: Several warranties are used for different kinds of parts. There are lifetime warranties on not only the frame and motor but also on the deck. There is also a five year warranty for the electronics in the S73. A two year warranty is also available for labor procedures that are done in one’s own home. These warranties are longer than what Sole uses for some of its other treadmills.

Overall Review

The process of using this treadmill for exercises is not all that hard for the average user to handle. It is made with a simplistic arrangement to keep the treadmill functioning. The buttons on the console are easy to handle and the screen makes it easier for anyone to figure out how the controls are being used and what can be done to make the treadmill work to one’s needs.

Also, the S77 is very easy on the body. The soft texture of the belt and the well-arranged base of the treadmill make it easier on the joints and should not be too problematic for anyone who is trying to work on joints that have suffered from issues involving arthritis or other pains.

The S77 treadmill is also arranged to make it so anyone can keep track of what is going on with the exercises that the user gets into. It is not too hard to work with because it is going to work carefully without any problems that might come from getting exercises under control. It is a good idea for people to think about what this treadmill has to offer while making their purchase decision.