Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill Coupons, Promo Codes and 2016 Reviews

The F65 treadmill is one of the newest models that Sole has released for the 2016 sales year. This treadmill is loosely based on the F63 treadmill that the company has been making for years. It is made with a few upgrades to make it a little more interesting for customers who want to find a treadmill for all kinds of exercise purposes.

Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill Coupons and Deals

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Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill Reviews

Product Description:

The F65 is made with a 3.25 horsepower continuous duty motor. This is about a quarter of a horsepower more than what the F63 uses. The motor is made with extra power to keep the treadmill running while still offering support for several speeds and inclines.

The treadmill can work at speeds from 0.5 to 12 miles per hour. This can be adjusted in half-mile increments as needed. Also, the treadmill can work with inclines as high as fifteen percent. The incline can be adjusted by individual percentages to create a more comfortable ride that anyone might be able to take advantage of.

The running surface on the F65 is 20×60 inches in size. This surface is the same as what the F63 uses but should be enough for the average user to handle.

There are also a number of safety features included. It uses a large stop switch that makes the treadmill easy to adjust in the event that it has to be stopped for any reason. It also uses a slow start that goes at one mile per hour for the start of a routine, thus easing the participant into an easy to manage pace for exercise purposes.

This is all arranged with 2.5-inch rollers and a two-ply roller system. The belt is made with a PVC layer in between both of the belt’s halves. It keeps the entire area from overstretching while also creating a surface that allows for easy movements without any form of static being created in the process. This makes the belt useful for long-term needs.

Product Features

A Larger Screen: The LCD screen on the F65 is a little larger than what the F63 uses. The F65 has a 7.5-inch screen, thus making it one inch larger than the older model. The screen is very easy to read and can be adjusted with a series of buttons on the bottom and sides of the screen. The keys are easy to read and are not too small.

Ten Programs: The user can choose from one of ten programs by choosing the appropriate buttons next to the LCD screen. There are six programs in the computer plus two heart rate programs for the user to handle. Two additional programs can be customized and added to the computer by the user to create a more personalized workout experience. The programs can also be adjusted with different peaks and valleys as set up by the computer or by the user.

Cooling Fans: A series of cooling fans are used at the console of the treadmill. The cooling fans keep the user from overheating while exercising. This is a feature that is made with the safety of the participant in mind.

Side Controls: The handlebars have speed and incline adjustment features on them. These are separate from each other and are made to allow the user to control the treadmill without letting one’s hands off of the pulse grips.

Pulse Grips: Pulse grips are used on the handlebars. These function to keep a person’s heart rate in real time. This can also be accentuated with a heart rate chest strap that can be bought separately and then attached to the treadmill.

Easy Assist: The Easy Assist folding design is made to keep the treadmill folded up when not in use. The user can release the deck on the treadmill and then allow the treadmill to fold up on its own. A lock can then be used to keep the deck upright when not in use.

Secure Frame: The frame is designed with a strong weld that features strengthened steel to keep the frame intact for as long as possible. This keeps the entire product strong enough to handle anything that one could use with it.

Several Warranties: There are lifetime warranties on the frame and motor. There are also three year warranties for the electronics and deck on the treadmill and a separate one year warranty for labor. All of the repairs that can be handled in accordance to these warranties can be done from the user’s home without having to send anything away.

Overall Review

The F65 treadmill works well for all sorts of needs that people might have when exercising. It is made with the key basics that people expect to find when working out, thus making the treadmill all the more suitable for anyone to enjoy.

It is also a useful treadmill for those who want to have some kind of variety. It also keeps the user comfortable thanks in part to how adjustments can easily be made without any issues. It is one of the most notable features to find.

Also, the product is easy for anyone to afford. This is available for $1,200 on the market or $2,000 if it is sold at its regular price. The product makes workouts more accessible to more people. The Sole F65 treadmill provides a solution that could help anyone out with losing weight or with getting active.