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Save BIG with Smooth Fitness Coupons in 2016! Among all of the home fitness machines that are available on the market, studies have shown that treadmills have been consistently the most popular out of them all as treadmills are able to provide full-body, cardio workouts that are not only able to have a low impact on the body, but also able to help bring vitality back into the muscles, joints and ligaments. The treadmills from Smooth Fitness are able to be customized in order to tailor to each consumer’s needs and expectations, and with the reviews that are available, choosing the right treadmill from all of the different models that are available can be rather easy. Last but not least, coupons that are available will be able to help online consumers save a lot of money on the treadmills making them an even worthwhile investment that is not only durable, but also able to provide a convenient workout regardless of the weather and other external factors.

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There are numerous different models available from Smooth Fitness, and detailed reviews will be able to dive into the pros and cons of each specific treadmill. Smooth Fitness has two different types of treadmills available on the market – the folding treadmills that are space efficient, and the non-folding treadmills that are generally able to provide enhanced features that are able to better cater to experienced runners. There are four different types of treadmill machines in the folding series; they include the 5.65, the 6.75, the 7.35, and the 8.35. There are only three different types of treadmill machines in the non-folding series which include the 9.35 HR, the 9.65 LC, and the 9.65 TV. The different makes and models are designed with different features in mind in order to satisfy different needs. Each treadmill has their own advertised specialty. For example, the 5.65 is the most standard piece of treadmill available. Not only is it known to be rather quiet, but it has a powerful motor that will be able to last for a long period of time. The 5.65 can be compacted down to a smaller size, and is rather space efficient. The 8.35 folding treadmill has been known to be able to have the best folding stability, and the 9.65 TV treadmill comes with a 10″ LCD flat-screen television that will be able to provide consumers with the entertainment that they need while they are attempting to work out. Smooth Fitness has all of the features needed in different models.

What We Like:

Features: The different makes and models all have their own special, unique feature which sets them apart from the rest. This can be quite beneficial to consumers who know exactly what they are looking for, and the type of features that they want in their treadmill. For example, most of the treadmills will have audio systems to them, and they will also have shock absorption cushioning systems that will lower any impact that made be made on the body. The 9.65 TV has a built-in 10″ LCD flat-screen television available while the folding series can be folded up in order to save space. The LCD screens for monitoring purposes and the heart rate monitors are also icing on the cake.

Free Shipping: Shipping these machines can be rather costly, especially since they are so heavy. The company will be able to offer free shipping to consumers in order to lower the price that they are paying. Smooth Fitness will literally ship the machines right to the consumer’s doorsteps, so that the consumer will need to do as little work as needed.

Affordability: Since there are numerous different makes and models, finding the perfect treadmill machine can be rather easy. In fact, most of the machines are rather affordable, and well worth their value. The more expensive models will have the price reflected on the quality of the machine and the type of features that are available. Most reviews written will rave about the value of the treadmill.

Amazing Warranty: Smooth Fitness will be able to stand behind their treadmill machines at all times, and they are able to offer amazing warranty plans that are simply better than the rest. Not only are they generally able to offer lifetime warranty on the frames and the motors, but they are also able to offer over 7 years of warranty on all parts and electronics and over 2 years of warranty on labor. Smooth Fitness will be more than happy to deal with any problems that may arise during the warranty time period.

60 Day Guarantee: Since they are so proud of their machines, Smooth Fitness will be able to offer a 60 day guarantee on all of their treadmills. This means that consumers who are not satisfied with the machine will be able to obtain a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No questions are asked at all.

Adjustability: All settings in Smooth Fitness machines can be adjusted in order to cater to the consumer’s expectations and needs. There are different types of pre-set features that are available. For example, consumers are able to set up a pace in order to stay in their fat-burning zone or a pace in order to work on their cardio. There are numerous different types of programs available.

What We Don’t Like:

Weight: Like most of the treadmill machines that are on the market, since the Smooth Fitness treadmills are compacted with numerous features, they are rather heavy. A lot of reviews have complained that the machines are difficult to move around. Those who need to move the machines for space purposes should highly consider getting the foldable ones.

Our Verdict:

Smooth Fitness is perhaps one of the most reliable treadmill manufacturers on the market, and they are consistently able to provide high quality, revolutionary treadmill machines that will exceed in expectations established by consumers. The only downside is that since the machines have so many features to them, they can be rather heavy and are difficult to move. Still, those who are interested in being able to obtain amazing machines at a low price will love what Smooth Fitness has to offer. The different makes and models cater to different needs and expectations, and the machines are definitely considered to be a worthwhile investment for many who are looking to either stay in shape or become more active in their life.