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Get Livestrong Fitness Coupon Codes and Coupons here to save BIG! Treadmills have been consistently known to be able to provide the perfect workout that most consumers are seeking. Not only are treadmills able to provide low impact exercises in different intensity levels that will be able to cater to each consumer’s needs and expectations, but each model will also have their own specific specifications that will be able to provide consumers with the type of features needed to satisfy different expectations and needs. They are able to provide one of the best workout sessions needed.

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Livestrong Fitness Review

LiveStrong is considered as one of the most reputable treadmill manufacturers on the market. Not only are they able to deliver high quality treadmills that excel in performance, comfort and feature, but they are able to help athletes take their training to the next level. The fact of the matter is that most reviews online will usually rank LiveStrong treadmills as one of the industry’s best. There are numerous reviews regarding the different makes and models that are available since LiveStrong is able to offer a wide selection. LiveStrong offers three different lines. Their basic line, the LSPro series line, and the Matrix line. Their basic line is extremely affordable, and will be able to offer all of the standard features that most other treadmills are able to. Their LSPro series line will take this one step further, and provide features that have interactive technology as well. The LSPro is better for more experienced athletes. The Matrix line is designed for those who are extremely intense about being able to have a perfect workout. They have numerous different types of newly-innovated technology integrated into their design, and they are also able to provide lifetime motor warranty on fitness machines in this line. In addition, the LiveStrong Matrix line is designed to be able to provide a superior performance and durability on their treadmill machines. There are numerous different types of coupons available by LiveStrong that will be able to help lower the price on all machines.

What We Like:

Free Shipping and Inside Delivery: LiveStrong is able to provide free shipping and inside delivery on all of the treadmill machines that they offer. This can be rather beneficial as shipping on heavy items is rather expensive. In addition, LiveStrong is also able to ensure that all items are delivered to the consumer’s doorsteps for convenience. Since the machine is rather heavy, this is definitely the icing on the cake.

30 Day Guarantee: Since LiveStrong is confident in their ability to manufacture high quality products, they are generally able to provide a 30 day guarantee on all machines. This means that consumers who purchase the fitness machines and feel that they are unsatisfied with their purchase will be able to return their purchase for a full refund provided that the return is done within 30 days of purchase. To return an item, obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.

Features: The basic line will have the basics provided by LiveStrong like the cushioning support, audio system and more. As the prices increase, additional features are available. Higher inclines are incorporated into the design, and some models will even have heart rate monitors that will be able to track the body’s response to the workout. While beginners will not find the heart rate monitors as useful, experienced runners will love being able to know what zone they are in. For example, some will want to stay in the fat-burning zone whereas others will want to be able to stay in the cardio zone.

Speed Tracking: The speed tracking feature is amazing, and will be able to allow runners know how fast they are running, and such. This feature will also allow for runners to customize the speed at different intervals of time. This is particularly useful for those who are training using different speeds and inclines. For example, some runners may want to lose weight by sprinting for several minutes, and walking for the next couple minutes. Different types of training are possible with the programs in LiveStrong treadmills.

Comfort: LiveStrong has been known to be one of the most comfortable treadmill manufacturers on the market. Not only are they able to provide amazing cushions that will be able to have a low impact on the joints, but running on the treadmill is also rather comfortable.

Warranty: The warranty that LiveStrong is able to provide is certainly considered as one of the best in the industry. Not only are they able to provide a lifetime warranty on the frame, but they are also able to provide lifetime warranty on the motor as well. The warranty plans show the company’s confidence in their product.

What We Don’t Like:

Sport Specificity: One of the cons about LiveStrong treadmills as reviewed by many consumers is the fact that the treadmills are unable to have programs set to help train for specific types of sports. While some higher end treadmills are able to do so, LiveStrong treadmills do not have these settings already set in their program. Those who are training will have to make do by attempting to create and customize their own workout plan.

Our Verdict:

While some reviews from extremely experienced runners will complain that LiveStrong treadmills do not have sport specified training already programmed into their software, LiveStrong is still able to provide numerous amazing treadmills that excel in performance and comfort. They are more comfortable than any other brand, and is rather affordable as well. Most reviews are happy about the different specifications that are available to each individual treadmill and most treadmills are able to provide features that are needed by each consumer. The price can be lowered with a coupon. The treadmills are definitely a worthwhile investment and a favorite among many consumers. The LiveStrong treadmills are extremely convenient, and are able to provide full-body cardio workouts capable of burning a lot of calories each session. Those who are interested in more information will want to consider visiting the site or reading some of the reviews that are available. The different makes and models cater to different groups of consumers who may have different targets and goals in mind.