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Get Horizon Fitness Coupon Codes for 2016 here! ¬†Treadmills are among one of the most popular home fitness machines on the market as studies have reported that consumers are generally more comfortable with using the product. In addition, treadmills are able to provide amazing full-body cardio workout sessions that have a low impact on the body. Due to this reason, those who exercise on a treadmill will generally have a minimized chance of injuring themselves in any way. Treadmills can be adjusted to cater to different performance levels, and they are able to provide numerous different features that will be able to help consumers’ reach different target goals. By reading different reviews, consumers are able to find treadmills that are able to suit their needs.

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Horizon Fitness Review
Horizon Fitness is considered as one of the most established companies on the market as they have an amazing line of different models of treadmills. Their treadmills are designed to not only provide a quiet performance, but the different models are also rather durable, and the performances of these treadmills are comparable to high end fitness clubs. Horizon Fitness offers nine different types of treadmills for their consumers – the Evolve SG treadmill, the Evolve treadmill, the Horizon CT5.3 treadmill, the Horizon CT7.1 treadmill, the Horizon T100 treadmill, the Horizon T101 treadmill, the Horizon T202 treadmill, the Horizon T203 treadmill, and the Horizon T6 treadmill. All Horizon Fitness have variable shock absorption cushioning, and they also have a quiet operation that will allow for consumers to be able to watch television and more. Horizon Fitness treadmills also operate off of continuous-duty horsepower motors. These motors ensure that the treadmills are not overworked at any power, and that they are able to deliver consistent power. Most Horizon Fitness treadmills are rather affordable, and with coupons that are available, consumers are able to save even more money.

What We Like:

Comfort: All of the Horizon Fitness treadmills are designed with comfort in mind, and they have shock absorbing technologies to them, and many have orthopedic belts that are able to provide comfort and support. Most of the reviews regarding the treadmills have raved about the comfort that they have been able to provide. Runners literally will feel no pressure or strain on any of their ligaments while they are running or using the treadmill.

Excellent Warranty Plans: Since Horizon Fitness stands behind the quality of their treadmills 100%, they are able to offer amazing warranty plans for each model. Most of the treadmills will include a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame, and also have extended warranty plans on parts, electronics, and more. The extended warranty is generally only about 1 year and includes in-home labor. The company is more than happy to replace or repair any problems that may arise.

Compact Design: Unlike many other treadmills that are on the market, one of the main benefits of Horizon Fitness treadmills will revolve around the fact that the treadmills have a compact design to them. The treadmills can be easily transported from one location to another, and since they are ultra-sleek and compact, they can be easily stored in different areas.

Extremely Powerful Motor: Horizon Fitness treadmills are one of the only ones with continuous duty horsepower motors to them. These motors are commonly used in commercial grade treadmills, and are extremely powerful. They are able to provide amazing control even when the treadmill is overworked. In short, consumers are always able to enjoy an amazing experience with the Horizon Fitness treadmills that are available. The powerful motors also allow for consumers to take their workout to a whole other level.

Additional Features: The different treadmills have different features to them which allow them to cater to different audiences with different needs. For example, some of the treadmills have air conditioning fans installed into their units in order to be able to provide some type of comfort to the sweaty runners. The treadmills will also generally have audio systems to them for entertainment purposes.

Adjustments: Just like other treadmills that are available on the market, the Horizon Fitness models have amazing adjustable settings that will be able to help many obtain the workout that they are seeking. There are target LED indicators that will be able to provide information regarding the 9 program options that are available. There are 3 targets (time, distance and calories) and also 3 workouts (manual, variety and weight loss) available. The adjustments are able to add variety to the workout sessions, and also allow consumers to use pre-set programs that are able to target specific goals. For example, consumers are able to adjust settings for the perfect endurance workout or for the perfect fat-burning workout possible.

What We Don’t Like:

Money Back Warranty: While the actual manufacturer is able to provide a money back warranty for customer satisfaction, some merchants are not able to provide this protection. It will literally depend on the merchant that one visits which is why consumers should highly consider shopping around in order to find the best deals in terms of money back guarantee plans that are available among them all.

Our Verdict:

While the money back warranty plans will differ from merchant to merchant, Horizon Fitness treadmills are great investments for those who are looking to get back in shape. Not only are they able to provide amazing workout programs, but they are extremely comfortable, quiet and durable as well. Since they are quiet, these treadmills will not interfere with any other activities that may be occurring in the household. The warranty plans are quite amazing, and there are numerous reviews regarding different Horizon Fitness treadmills that are available. The wide variety makes these treadmills perfect for different goals and for different purposes. Each will have features that will be able to meet the needs and expectations of different consumers. While the machine is perfect for those who are looking for a great cardio exercise, those who are looking to lose weight will want to be able to begin eating a healthy diet in order to see better effects.